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Submittal excel Form: What You Should Know

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Submittal Form excel

Instructions and Help about Submittal Form excel

Okay we're going to take you through the transmittal system your engineer will get a list of the documents he wishes to transmit from the doc version software from the release tab these will have been released have a distribution added to them and then like the example here and just popped them into an email it's useful to put into the email what they're being transmitted for are these being issued for information for approval for inquiry or FQ whatever the doc controller really only needs this information to take it from there so the doc controller can ascertain from that which project and the projects directory here whichever location you have this is our one can find the project open it up we go down here project management doc control transmittals and there's the transmittal log so we'll just pop that open so here's our transmittal sheet there's our distribution and down here will be where the documents being distributed are listed so we're going to go ahead here and get or three document numbers so just copy them in and paste them down in here there we go what they're being issued for here at st. for approval this is selectable from a drop-down here by your administrator a dock controllers for inquiry for approval for whatever you might decide but that can be overwritten as well if you have one that's not there for example if we wanted to say these are being issued for RFQ what you type in here will override what's in the default drop-down and you can type in whatever you want there there we go revisions descriptions data provisions and so on the dock controller doesn't need to know or the external or internal distribution again this is all in the...