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Er 415-1-11 Form: What You Should Know

The client must be aware that its decision to make the change involves financial risk. Engineers must understand the effects on the contractor, the contractors business and employees, the contractors employees, and the public. Engineers should also understand why a change is being made and the engineering and construction aspects of a design. Engineers may work to minimize the impact of design and construction on the end users. 1/14/15 The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USAGE) uses the phrase CONSTRUCTIVELY as a guideline to describe the state of any system or element of a building or facility. It can be used to denote the structural integrity, the physical condition, the design, or the operating capabilities.  Examples of CONSTRUCTIVELY include: a) A good foundation that supports all structural components and provides an effective, durable support to load. b) Structural integrity — the ability of a building or facility to support loads imposed on the building or facility in a useful manner. c) Structural design — the determination of the design, construction, materials, and activities that establish or enhance the capability or ability of a structure to resist the forces acting upon it; a design that would provide safety and durability but at the same time provide the most efficient access for utilities and personnel. 2/9/15 The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USAGE) uses the phrase OPERABILITY as a guideline to describe any quality, function, and function of the building or facility. Examples of OPERABILITY include: Ability to meet the required number of persons for service, the ability to supply, or the operation of functions with the required efficiency; capability for the safe and efficient use of space; ability to provide protection for residents, first responders, and emergency vehicles; a water system, sewage system, fuel supply system, or electrical system. In the case of these functions, there are two key components, the ability of the system to accomplish its function and function with the best quality in the most efficient manner. This is very often not the same thing. 3/9/15 The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USAGE) uses the phrase CONSTRUCTIVELY, DESIGNATION, AND DESIGN CONDITIONS, including a. CONSTRUCTIVELY: The ability of the structure to support forces exerted on it. b.

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Instructions and Help about Er 415-1-11

US Army Corps of Engineers commander Lieutenant General Tom Bostick stressed yusei's four goals during his first visit to the South Pacific Division. 2. He sought to support the warfighter, transform Civil Works, reduce disaster risks, and prepare for the future. 3. In Sacramento, he inspected the Corps' efforts to reduce flood risk along the Sacramento River levees and Folsom dam. 4. General Bostick was particularly impressed by the National Partnership at Folsom dam, which involved various government and non-federal entities working together. 5. He witnessed the hard work and collaboration of the team, which consisted of military and civilian contractors. 6. General Bostick believes that this example can serve as a model for others within the Corps and the nation. 7. In San Francisco, he observed the Corps' navigation safety and dredging missions aboard the debris removal vessel Dillard. 8. The US Army Corps of Engineers removes approximately 1200 tons of debris from the bay annually, ensuring safe and open shipping lanes. 9. This effort not only benefits commerce but also aids events such as the 2013 America's Cup in Los Angeles. 10. General Bostick also engaged with high school students at a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics event known as the STEM Bridge Building Challenge. 11. He expressed the importance of pursuing STEM education and mentioned the need for a million more engineers by 2020. 12. Reiterating the Corps' goals, General Bostick discussed progress during his visit with regional leaders at Division Headquarters. 13. He expressed gratitude for their support in serving the warfighter, both through overseas deployments and infrastructure projects at home. 14. General Bostick emphasized the need for efficient planning and budgeting processes to achieve civil works transformation. 15. He highlighted a restoration project that took two years from concept to authorization as an example of successful infrastructure strategy.